Will we keep our fundamental rights principles?

A new Consortium briefing explains the choices that governments have about whether to keep EU-based rights & standards.

Written by Tobias Lock, this briefing talks about what the UK Government sets out to do with the Bill. Then it gives insight into some of the impacts that it will have on our law, and the concerns it raises.

The briefing says that both of our governments – UK and Scottish – have choices to make. And, they need to actually pass law to keep big parts of our law intact. So which bits of the rights and standards that we agreed to when we were in the EU, will they take action to keep? For example, will we keep fundamental rights principles?

What’s more, this Bill proposes really tight timescales. And noone really knows quite how much of EU law is buried in the midst of UK and Scots law. How will our governments make sure that huge chunks of our law don’t disappear overnight because they ran out of time?

Read the briefing here.

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