International Human Rights Day: Briefing for Scottish Parliament Debate

Scottish Parliament MSP office windows Image credit: dun_deagh, Flickr:

Ahead of International Human Rights Day on Saturday 10th December 2022, the Scottish Parliament is holding a debate today (Thursday 8th December). We have joined with 6 other civil society organisations to brief Members of the Scottish Parliament before the debate, encouraging them to give their vocal support and commitment to human rights law being strengthened.

Specifically, the briefing focuses on two aspects of human rights law development; the replacement of the Human Rights Act with a new ‘UK Bill of Rights,’ and the incorporation of international human rights in Scotland. We have urged MSPs to call for the UK ‘Bill of Rights,’ which has been dubbed the ‘Rights Removal Bill,’ to be scrapped for good. We have also asked MSPs to support further incorporation of international human rights treaties into Scots law.

We want to see human rights for all being further protected and realised, both in Scotland and across the UK. This requires commitment from our political leaders, and for them to stand up for the values of dignity, fairness, equality, tolerance, and respect. We urge them to do this today.

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