Human Rights Day: Consortium Stands with 158 Civil Society Organisations to Protect Human Rights Act

On Human Rights Day 2022, we have signed a joint letter from civil society organisations all across the UK, addressed to the Prime Minister and political leaders. We have expressed our sadness that recent changes to domestic law risk taking us further away from realising human rights, rather than closer.

We have expressed particular concern over the UK Government’s plans to replace the Human Rights Act with new legislation. As the letter states, we believe that the Human Rights Act is vital to protecting the dignity of individuals. It provides universal protections for everyone in the UK, and holds those with public power to account for their actions.

We have therefore called on the UK Government and all political leaders to stand with us this Human Rights Day, and commit to retaining the Human Rights Act.

Click here to read the letter

Click here to read the EasyRead version of the letter

Click here to watch a video about the letter

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