Consortium Stands Against “Refugee Ban Bill”

The Consortium has signed a joint statement, written by JustRight Scotland and the Scottish Refugee Council, to condemn the UK Government’s upcoming Illegal Migration Bill and ask the Scottish Government to do all it can to oppose it.

The Illegal Migration Bill, dubbed the ‘Refugee Ban Bill’ by civil society, would remove the right of people arriving in the UK to claim asylum if they have arrived “irregularly.” This would affect nearly everyone claiming asylum in the UK, and would place a duty on the Home Office to remove everyone arriving “irregularly” irrespective of their circumstances. It would remove protections for people fleeing war, persecution and exploitation.

It is inhumane and impractical, and is an assault on the principle that everyone has equal protection under the law.

We have therefore asked the Scottish Government and all Members of the Scottish Parliament to do all they can to oppose the Bill. We ask them to withhold legislative consent for the Bill, and to outline a plan to protect refugees and survivors of trafficking.

JustRight Scotland and the Scottish Refugee Council are planning further actions as the Bill progresses through the UK Parliament, and if the Scottish Parliament chooses to debate legislative consent for the Bill.

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