Consortium Expresses Concern about Section 3 of Human Rights Act

The Consortium has joined a group of 46 civil society organisations from across the UK to express our concern that the UK Government is attempting to undermine human rights, by weakening Section 3 of the Human Rights Act.

Section 3 is the part of the Human Rights Act which compels the Government and public bodies to ensure that all their laws and policies comply with the Act, and uphold human rights as much as possible. Where policies and laws don’t uphold human rights, ordinary people can seek justice in the courts. It is a vital part of the Act, which protects people’s rights in the everyday decisions which are made about their lives.

We have written to Joanna Cherry MP, Chair of the Joint Committee on Human Rights, to explain that the UK Government appears to be undermining Section 3, through its ‘British Bill of Rights.’ Though the ‘British Bill of Rights’ has now been paused, the Illegal Migration Bill (better known as the Refugee Ban Bill) (Clause 1(5)) replicates the provision to destroy Section 3 and not compel public bodies to act in accordance with human rights.

This undermines the basic principle that human rights belong to all of us, and is an attempt by the UK Government to avoid accountability.

The letter was signed by the following organisations:

  • The British Institute of Human Rights
  • The RITES Committee
  • Human Rights Consortium Scotland
  • Child Poverty Action Group
  • Just Fair
  • René Cassin
  • Liberty
  • Birthrights
  • Equally Ours
  • Asylum Support Appeals Project
  • C-Change
  • Committee on the Administration of Justice
  • Civil Society Alliance
  • Cyngor Ffoaduriaid Cymru: Welsh Refugee Council
  • JustRight Scotland
  • Freedom from Torture
  • Eco Justice
  • Unlock Democracy
  • Black Equity Organisation
  • Bail for Immigration Detainees
  • SMK Law Solicitors
  • Prison Reform Trust
  • Asylum Link Merseyside
  • North Wales Regional Equality Network
  • Safe Passage
  • Migrants’ Rights Network
  • End Violence Against Women
  • Humanists UK
  • National AIDS Trust
  • Law Centres Network
  • Mind
  • The Traveller Movement
  • British Association of Social Workers
  • Human Rights Consortium (Northern Ireland)
  • The PILS Project
  • Latin American Women’s Rights Service
  • The Muslim Council of Britain
  • Amnesty International UK
  • Pembrokeshire People First
  • Big Brother Watch
  • Merseyside Refugee Support Network
  • Centre for Women’s Justice
  • Legal Aid Practitioners Group
  • Children’s Rights Alliance for England
  • Centre for Military Justice

Click here to read the letter in full

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