New Briefing: The #RefugeeBanBill and Human Rights

Ahead of their debate on 25th April, JustRight Scotland and the Consortium sent a briefing to MSPs about the UK Government’s ‘Illegal Migration’ Bill, which we have dubbed ‘The Refugee Ban Bill’.

This Bill will abolish the UK’s asylum system, and rob people of their right to seek safety from war or persecution in Britain. It undermines the fundamental principle that human rights are for everyone, and is an urgent human rights emergency.

In our briefing, we highlighted many of the ways in which the Bill violates basic human rights; the right to seek refugee protection, the right to freedom from torture, the right to freedom from slavery and the right to liberty and security. Worryingly, the Bill also reduces access to justice and ways to hold government to account, by taking away the power of the courts to stop potentially unlawful removals.

Finally, we end the briefing with a call for people and organisations to take the following actions to stop the Refugee Ban Bill:

  • Publicly reject this Refugee Ban Bill, in its entirety, and ask others to do the same. On social media, you could use #RefugeeBanBill;
  • Write to your MSP and your MP asking them to oppose the Bill in
  • Join Together With Refugees and help campaign for a compassionate asylum
  • If your organisation is not a member of the Consortium, join today

Click here to read the briefing in full

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