Consortium Urges Parliamentarians to Stop the #RefugeeBanBill

Ahead of the second reading of the UK Government’s Illegal Migration Bill (also known as the Refugee Ban Bill) at the House of Lords on Wednesday 10th May, the Consortium has joined with 174 civil society organisations to ask all Parliamentarians to urge the Government to immediately withdraw the Bill.

From across the UK, a huge coalition of organisations representing the human rights, migrant, refugee, asylum, antislavery and trafficking, children’s, violence against women and girls, LGBTQI+, disability rights, health, LGBTQI+, housing, racial justice, criminal justice, arts, international development, environment, democracy, pan-equality, faith, access to justice and other sectors have joined together to condemn the Bill.

The Refugee Ban Bill would essentially abolish the asylum system in the UK, and make it almost impossible for people to seek safety from war or persecution. It attacks one of the most fundamental principles of human rights; that they belong to everyone, no matter where we come from. It is an urgent human rights emergency, which must be immediately counteracted by the UK Parliament.

We ask all Parliamentarians, from all parties, across the Houses of Lords and Commons, to use their power and urge the Government to withdraw the Bill.

Click here to read our statement in full

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