Civil Society Urges Public Authorities to Prioritise Human Rights

The Consortium has joined with 19 other Scottish civil society organisations to urge the chief executives of public authorities to prioritise human rights.

We have written to the chief executives of Scottish local authorities, NHS Boards and other bodies to highlight two significant changes to the human rights framework in Scotland- the incorporation of international human rights and the SNAP 2 action plan. We ask them to take steps to engage with these changes and implement human rights-based approaches in their work.

Public authorities have a key role in delivering services which are fundamental to our human rights, such as housing, healthcare, and a clean environment. It is therefore not enough for the Scottish Government just to pass new laws to secure our rights. In order for all our human rights to be fully realised, public authorities must be ready to implement them.

The letter was signed by the following civil society leaders:

  • Mhairi Snowden, Human Rights Consortium Scotland
  • Juliet Harris, Together (Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights)
  • Cathy McCulloch, Children’s Parliament
  • Tim Hopkins, Equality Network
  • Vic Valentine, Scottish Trans
  • Maureen Martin, Edinburgh Development Group
  • Maggie Lennon, Bridges Programmes
  • Shivali Fifield, Environmental Rights Centre for Scotland
  • Emma Hutton, JustRight Scotland
  • Sam Smith, C-Change Scotland
  • Maria Jose Pavez Larrea, Grampian Regional Equality Council (GREC)
  • Agnies Tolmie, Scottish Women’s Convention
  • Sara Redmond, Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE)
  • Alison Bavidge, Scottish Association of Social Work
  • Colin Lee, CEMVO Scotland
  • Carolyn Sawers, Corra Foundation
  • Jess McQuail, Just Fair
  • Michelle Cook, Inclusion Scotland
  • Jonathan Senker, VoiceAbility
  • Clare MacGillivray, Making Rights Real

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