Scottish Government must do better on human rights proposals, says Consortium

The Scottish Human Rights Bill pinpoints a crucial moment for Human Rights in Scotland – and through the upcoming consultation which seeks to incorporate international human rights into Scots law, we have an opportunity to make this Bill as strong as possible.

We wrote in last weekend’s Herald Scotland about the gaps within the consultation and what the Scottish Government should be doing to strengthen its upcoming Human Rights Bill.

We argue that the consultation lacks details on how people can seek help or access justice when their rights are violated, and the Bill must ensure that everyone has access to justice. It must better protect and enhance everyone’s rights, especially those most at risk of infringements.

We are also concerned that the compatibility of the Bill with devolution limits needs clarification, and that the rights of disabled people require more attention in the consultation.

Finally, we argue that the Bill must set out clear timelines for the implementation of new duties which will be placed on public bodies.

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