Network Membership

Network membership of the Consortium is free.  Network Membership is open to all civil society organisations who want to defend and promote human rights. Individuals can also be part of the Consortium as supporters. 

Benefits of being a network member include: 

  • monthly e-newsletters with information about headlines, consultations and events around human rights in Scotland 
  • invitations to network members’ meetings and other events on key human rights issues 
  • opportunities to access training, resources and other activities 

Most of all, being a network member of the Consortium adds your voice to defending and promoting human rights in Scotland. 

As a network member, you can expect the following from us:  

  • We will treat every member organisation and individual with respect and dignity.  
  • We will work positively and constructively with members towards our strategic outcomes.  
  • We will not claim to speak on behalf of specific member organisations unless they have given their agreement (note, we do not consult network members on all Consortium organisation policy positions).
  • We will follow the Code of Conduct at every event/meeting that we organise.  

Network members are expected:  

  • To work positively and constructively with other members towards our strategic outcomes  
  • To treat Consortium staff and other Consortium members with dignity and respect 
  • Not to speak on behalf of the Consortium without consulting Consortium staff first  
  • Not to take any action which may bring the Consortium into disrepute  
  • To follow the Consortium Event Code of Conduct  

Click here to read our Membership Criteria in full 

Click here to read our Events Code of Conduct in full 

If your organisation would like to apply for network membership or if you would like to become a Consortium supporter, please visit here. 

You can also find more information about how we use and protect our network members’ datahere

If you would like more information about the Consortium, please get in touch. 

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