“COVID-19 is a test for our societies, and we are all learning and adapting as we respond to the virus.  Human dignity and rights need to be front and centre in that effort, not an afterthought”

Michele Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

These are unprecedented times, and all of us are dealing with very significant impacts on many of our basic human rights. 

Human Rights Consortium Scotland Priorities

During this time, as Scotland begins to recover from the Coronavirus pandemic, we have three strategic priorities:

  1. To ensure that civil society organisations have platforms to raise human rights concerns with policy makers
  2. To provide clear messaging about the importance of public authority/government consideration of human rights during and after the pandemic
  3. To ensure that civil society has the resources that it needs around understanding COVID-19 through human rights lens

COVID-19 Public Inquiry


Delivering Human Rights in Scotland During COVID-19: A 2020 Survey of Public Authorities


The Scottish Parliament Equalities and Human Rights Committee Inquiry into the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Equality and Human Rights

The UK Parliament Joint Committee on Human Rights Inquiry into the Government’s Response to COVID-19: Human Rights Implications


Briefings and reports from our members on coronavirus impacts:

Amnesty International:

Howard League Scotland:

Health and Social Care Alliance (the ALLIANCE)

Inclusion Scotland:


Campaign for Freedom of Information in Scotland:

Scottish Women’s Aid:

Together: Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights:

British Institute for Human Rights:


Poverty Alliance:

Scottish Refugee Council:


Other briefings/reports on coronavirus and human rights

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