Human Rights Incorporation in Scotland

In March 2021, the Scottish Parliament unanimously passed a Bill to incorporate the UNCRC children’s rights convention directly into Scots law – a huge step forwards for children & young people.

The Scottish Government has now committed to going further. They will introduce a new Human Rights Bill for Scotland. This Bill will incorporate 4 major United Nations human rights treaties. These treaties are:

The Bill will also include the right to a healthy environment, as well as rights for older people and LGBTi people.

Incorporation of International Human Rights Briefing Series

Written By Prof Nicole Busby and Dr Kasey McCall-Smith, these briefings give a helpful outline of content of treaties and rights:

About incorporation

Incorporating Human Rights in Scotland: EasyRead Resources

The National Taskforce for Human Rights Leadership

Reports, Briefings and Blogs


Quick International Case Studies

Academic Papers



All Our Rights in Law

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