Human Rights Incorporation in Scotland

Academic resources

Incorporating the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

The National Taskforce for Human Rights Leadership

  • The National Taskforce is made up of members of the public sector and civil society. Its role is to establish a statutory framework for the incorporation of many international human rights treaties into domestic law. It will make recommendations for this new law to the Scottish Government in March 2021.
  • The National Taskforce for Human Rights Leadership- Overview


All Our Rights in Law

  • All Our Rights in Law is a public participation programme, set up by the Human Rights Consortium Scotland and the Scottish Human Rights Commission in November 2020.
  • Its goal is to facilitate discussions around a new human rights law for Scotland, and report to the National Taskforce (see above) on what ordinary people think about human rights incorporation.
  • So far, a wide variety of civil society organisations have engaged with All Our Rights in Law, and held discussions with rights-holders.
  • Click here to find out more about All Our Rights in Law

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