Human Rights Incorporation

We need stronger human rights law in Scotland.

It is time to put all of our international human rights into Scots law – things like the right to food, to education, to housing and to a healthy environment. Putting these into our law will mean that Scotland will get better at making sure no one is left behind. It will be a big step towards ensuring that everyone is treated with dignity.

We also need to make sure that the Government does not meddle with the human rights protections that we already have – the Human Rights Act needs to always be there in case you or your family need its safety net.

Find out more:

  1. What’s happening now? Update on incorporating international human rights into Scots law
  2. UK Government: Constitution, Rights and Democracy Commission
  3. Research, reports and articles on strengthening human rights law
  4. Get involved!

The Human Rights Consortium Scotland can provide further information to you or your organisation – get in touch at

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