About Us

The Human Rights Consortium Scotland is the civil society network to protect and promote human rights in Scotland.

The Consortium has around 140 member organisations from across civil society. We work together in all sorts of ways, such as by sharing information and insights, projects or research on specific issues, and around influencing policy and law.

We work towards two strategic outcomes:

Outcome 1: A strong, collective civil society voice to protect and promote human rights in Scotland.

Outcome 2: Civil society has what it needs in order to protect and promote human rights in Scotland.

Our funders

We are very grateful for funding from: the Legal Education Foundation for the Civil Society Brexit Project in partnership with Glasgow University and Strathclyde University; the Paul Hamlyn Foundation for funding towards a project on strengthening migrants’ human rights; the Scottish Government grant for work specifically on All Our Rights In Law to inform the National Taskforce; and for funding from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.  We are also grateful to Amnesty International for their previous support in hosting us while we developed our infrastructure and prepared to become an independent organisation.

You can see our Annual Report and Financial Statement April 2020-March 2021 here.

Human Rights Consortium Scotland Charity Registration SCIO: SC050099; Amnesty International Charity Registration No. in Scotland: SC039534

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