#HumanRights2020s: Human Rights for All? Realising Migrants’ Rights in Scotland

#HumanRights2020s: Human Rights for All? Realising Migrants' Rights in Scotland

This episode of the #HumanRights2020s podcast is a recording of a webinar held on the 10th September 2021, entitled ‘Human Rights for All? Realising Migrants’ Rights in Scotland’. The webinar explored the barriers currently experienced by migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in relation to their human rights, and what a new human rights law could do to bring these barriers down.

The speakers were Dr Eva Kourova, Noelia Martinez, Jenni Keenan, Undram Munkhbat and Graham O’Neill. Jennifer Ang and Maggie Chapman also contributed to the discussion. The event was chaired by Dr Sarah Kyambi, Founder and Director of Migration Policy Scotland.

This webinar was the last in a series of 4 webinars focussed on the incorporation of international human rights treaties into Scots law. Click here to learn more about the webinars.