#HumanRights2020s: The Right to Rehabilitation from Torture

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#HumanRights2020s: The Right to Rehabilitation from Torture

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This episode of the #HumanRights2020s podcast is a recording of a seminar the Consortium hosted in September 2020. We were joined by Asger Kjaerum of the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims, Tracy Doig and Fiona Crombie of Freedom from Torture, and Kolbassia Haoussou of Survivors Speak OUT. Together, they discussed the right to rehabilitation from torture, how it might be incorporated in Scotland, and what that would mean for survivors of torture.

Asger said “when the violence stops, the physical and psychological suffering of the victims does not end. It has maybe only started… It is important to remember that rehabilitation is a right of people who have been tortured. It’s not charity. It’s something they have a right to receive as a response to the injustice that has been done to them.