#HumanRights2020s: ‘What Went Wrong? COVID-19, Accountability and Building Back Better’ Part 1

Human Rights Consortium Scotland
Human Rights Consortium Scotland
#HumanRights2020s: 'What Went Wrong? COVID-19, Accountability and Building Back Better' Part 1

On 17th May 2021, the Consortium and Amnesty International in Scotland co-hosted an event to reflect on the experience of human rights during the pandemic in Scotland. Speakers addressed human rights concerns associated with lockdowns, care and the sharp inequalities experienced by different sectors of Scottish society over the past year. They also addressed the question of the future; what should COVID recovery look like if human rights protection is central to this?  What about human rights accountability?  

This episode of the #HumanRights2020s podcast is a recording of the keynote speech from this event, delivered by Adam Wagner. Adam is the founder and Chair of EachOther, and a barrister specialising in human rights law and well-known for his expertise around communicating on human rights. He is also the Specialist Advisor to the Joint Committee on Human Rights’ new Inquiry into the UK government’s COVID-19 response.

In his speech, Adam addressed the impact that COVID-19 had on human rights across the UK.