• HRCS Submission: How to create and maintain civil society space? What works?


The HRCS has submitted evidence to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Report on what needs to be in place for civil society to thrive.  UN submission

  • HRCS Submission: Report on Implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in Scotland

8th June 2015

The HRCS submitted evidence to the UN Human Rights Committee and suggested 17 questions which should be posed to the UK Government at the formal Hearing on 1st – 2nd July 2015 in Geneva. ICCPR Submission final

  • HRCS Submission: Assessing Effectiveness of SHRC in Promoting and Protecting Human Rights

22nd December 2014

The HRCS was invited to make a submission, as were other NGOs, to the ‘Sub-Committee on Accreditation International Coordinating Committee of NHRIs’ ICC) as part of its periodic assessment of the effectiveness of  the SHRC in promoting and protecting human rights.  Read our submission here:  ICC

  • HRCS MSP Briefing: Scottish Parliament Debate, 4th December 2014 on Scotland’s National Action Plan Year One Report

4th December 2014

Read the HRCS briefing here: SP Debate 4th Dec

  • HRCS Submission: The Smith Commission


The Smith Commission

  • HRCS Submission: Scottish Independence Bill – A consultation on an interim constitution for Scotland’


Draft Constitution Final

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