UN Rights Monitoring

A guide to how civil society organisations can effectively engage in the United Nations (UN) human rights monitoring

Treaty-based Monitoring

  • The UK’s compliance with UN human rights treaties is regularly checked by the UN’s monitoring bodies. There is a different monitoring body for each UN treaty body.
  • Usually the government submits reports to the treaty monitoring bodies on the human rights situation in their country. Civil society organisations are encouraged to provide their input via submissions to the treaty bodies.
  • You can submit so-called ‘shadow reports’ to the respective treaty body. These reports aim to:
    • examine the Government’s performance regarding the human rights situation in the respective country
    • offer an alternative to the government’s official report.


Detailed information on the different treaty bodies and the monitoring mechanism for each can be found below (by clicking on the treaty’s name):


Monitoring via the Universal Periodic Review


How can my organisation get involved?


What does a good submission look like?

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