International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD)

Basic facts about the ICERD
Stages of monitoring states’ obligation with the ICERD Guidance for NGO submissions on the ICERD

Useful guides & links

Basic facts about the ICERD

  • The ICERD is monitored by the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD)
  • States must submit reports every two years (in reality, however, most reports area not submitted according to this time schedule)
  • In period of follow-up activity

Stages of monitoring states’ obligation with the ICERD

  • Preparation and submission of the report by the state party
  • Designation of country rapporteurs and issuance of the list of themes by CERD
  • Consideration of the report by CERD
  • Issuance of Concluding Observations by CERD
  • Implementation of CERD’s Concluding Observations / Recommendations by the State (Follow-up)
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Guidance for Civil Society Actors for submission on the ICERD

  • You can
    • Participate in the preparation of the State report (need to contact eh government authority in charge for this)
    • Provide information for the list of themes.
    • Prepare and submit an alternative report.
    • Submit their own answers to the list of themes.
    • Civil society actors can also submit additional information to the Committee when monitoring  the government’s implementation (for follow-up)
  • Structure and Content
    • Submission should be submitted in English, French or Spanish (English is preferred) information submitted should concise and accurate to increase reliability and objectivity cross-referencing is encouraged clear reference to the concrete articles of ICERD should be madeFor the alternative report:
      • No page or word limit but advised to be as concise as possible Summary page is recommendedInclude: title page with name of organisation(s) and a table of contentsfor more details on structuring the report look at the Guide for Civil Society Actors on CERD’
  • Deadlines:
    • Generally civil society can submit information to CERD at any time
    • However, to be more effective, inputs should be provided in a targeted manner at each phase of the cycle
    • The UK’s state party report for the next reporting cycle is due on the 06/04/2020
    • List of themes:
      • Usually published 4-6 weeks prior to the relevant session
      • Recommended that, information specifically for the list of themes is submitted to the Secretariat as soon as possible (must clearly indicate that the input is for the list of themes)
    • Submission of an alternative report:
      • Suggested to submit this after the submission of relevant state report and before it is considered by CERD
      • Advised to be latest two weeks before the relevant session
      • An electronic version (by email) and 24 hard copies should be submitted to the secretariat
  • How to submit documents
    • Secretariat of the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD)
      8-14 Avenue de la Paix, CH- 1211
      Geneva, Switzerland

Useful guides & links

Concluding observations on the combined twenty-first to twenty-third periodic reports of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (October 2016).
Previous state party’s report was submitted on the 26/03/2015.
A Guide for Civil Society Actors on CERD.
Follow-up Information on the CERD recommendations – Template for Civil Society Actors.
Basic Information on the ICERD by the Equality and human Rights Commission.
Information on ICERD – Text of the Convention.
Simple guide to the UN treaty Bodies.
A handbook for civil society by the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights.

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