Upcoming events

Trade Bill: Issues and opportunities

This briefing roundtable will provide a good overview of the Trade Bill contents & timetable, the main issues within it and the opportunities for influence & change.  With presentation from trade law expert Dr Stephanie Switzer from Strathclyde University and space to ask questions and discuss key issues, this is an excellent opportunity to find out what you need to know on Brexit-related developments around trade.

The roundtable will be 9.30am -11am with breakfast provided, 31st August in Edinburgh (venue TBC).  Email hrcscotland@gmail.com to reserve a place.

EU Citizens’ Rights – workshop opportunity

Organisations are offered the opportunity of a free and accessible training session on EU citizens’ rights after Brexit in Autumn 2018.  The workshops can be provided as internal staff or volunteer training, or can be part of a wider network or members’ session.  They can be an hour-long snapshot or a half-day session.

The workshops will be run by SULNE legal academic experts in EU law and EU citizens’ rights. They will aim to provide clarity around EU citizens’ rights now, during the transition from the EU, and after Brexit.  It will be clear about what we know and don’t know yet, and what EU citizens can helpfully do, or be aware of, to prepare for Brexit.

The workshop will include information about rights related to: residence; working; health and education; welfare support; rights of dependants and family members.

For more detail see here: EU citizens rights workshop outline June 2018

Organisations are invited to get in touch with the Civil Society Brexit Project if this would be of interest to them or their members at hrcscotland@gmail.com



Would you like more information about Brexit for your organisation or members?  The Project can deliver tailored workshops or training sessions on Brexit impacts.  Feel free to get in touch to discuss further at hrcscotland@gmail.com or 0131 357 8590.